When Should You Call A Child Support Lawyer?

While even the most amicable divorce can be a distressing process, when you add children and child support into the mix, this definitely ups the ante, so to speak. As an experienced Arizona child support lawyer, I can help with many child support-related issues. Of course, parents who were not married also can face these

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Arizona Equine Attorney: Contract & Litigation Services

Arizona Equine Attorney: Contract & Litigation Services At Schmaltz Law Offices, we like to say that we protect what you value the most, and that definitely includes horses. In Arizona, there are about 177,000 horses residing in our state, the majority of which are domesticated. For many of these owners, an equine attorney can be

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Is It A Gift Or Just Paying Bills?

Is It A Gift Or Just Paying Bills? Here is a typical scenario in a divorce case:  One spouse moves out of the marital home and files for divorce. For the next 10 months, he or she continues to pay the $1,800 mortgage, and two car payments of $400 each to ensure their credit isn’t

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Kids calling the stepparent “Mom” or “Dad”

Kids calling the stepparent “Mom” or “Dad” Ending a relationship or marriage is tough for most parents. It’s especially painful when your children refer to your spouse’s new significant other as “Mom” or “Dad”.  These parental labels may be at the urging of the parent or inadvertent by the child.  Either way it can be

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Pet Custody Disputes

Pet Custody Disputes For many people, pets play an important role in the family: protector, children’s playmate, exercise buddy and best friend. When a couple can no longer make their relationship work and living apart is inevitable, the pets are often caught in the middle.  According to American Veterinary Medical Association, in 2012 there were

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