Marital Dissolution and Feelings of Anger

Marital Dissolution and Feelings of Anger A marital dissolution is upsetting, especially if one spouse has cheated. Add in the legal formalities, which include the division of assets and debts, and custody issues if there are children, and you have a nerve-racking situation.  Arizona is a no-fault state, which means the courts don’t look at

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Children and the Housing Crisis

Children and the Housing Crisis It’s no surprise that a recent report found Arizona children have been hit hard by the foreclosure crises and recession.  Twelve percent (12%) of Arizona kids live in households that have already lost their home to foreclosure or are likely to go through a foreclosure sale in the near future.

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Tips for Divorcing Parents

Tips for Divorcing Parents Parenting plans that focus on the kids Let kids be kids. Parents who are able to minimize drama and work together to be effective co-parents will be better off, and so will their kids.  Find ways to show support for your kid’s academic and athletic talents, and create parenting time schedules

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